belshazzar blues

king belshazzar of babylon feasted with a thousand lords praising gods of silver and the gods of brass and gold sounds of lust and luxury they echoed down the hall then came the writing on the wall

ghostly fingers wrote the words that filled the king with dread mene mene tekel upharsin is what it said wise men and astrologers could make no sense at all of the message written on the wall

go fetch daniel of judah cried the queen to belshazzar this great dreamer served your father nebuchadnezzar daniel knew this prideful king was surely doomed to fall when he read the writing on the wall

babylon will crumble you've been weighed and found too light belshazzar the mighty king was slayed that very night great cyrus of persia would soon be king of all just as it was written on the wall

mighty god weighed belshazzar and stuck him down like swine for his days were numbered just the same as yours and mine so don't fear the bell that tolls or raven when he calls but do fear the writing on the wall